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Important S.C. jazz venue fears losing home in Columbia park renovation

Le Cafe Jazz sign

Skipp Pearson’s Le Cafe Jazz is tucked into the top floor of the concession stand at Columbia’s Finlay Park with only this sign on a nearby fence as a hint it is there.

Skipp Pearson’s Le Cafe Jazz stands out not only as the renowned saxophonist’s home base but also for its focus on the music. But look at the preliminary renovation plans for Columbia’s Finlay Park. You won’t find the building it now calls home.
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Olympia-Granby Museum preserves mill villages’ past in uncertain future

Shery Jaco at Olympia-Granby museum

It’s costing more than $500,000 to create and equip the Olympia-Granby Mill Village Museum. Richland County is providing much of the money, but Olympia native Sherry Jaco said $50,000 was raised in small donations from those passionate about the neighborhood

Sherry Jaco hopes the Olympia-Granby Museum she’s building helps capture the culture of the mill villages she knows from decades of living there. But even as she builds it, museums like this are becoming a part of the very past they aimed to preserve. Read the rest of this entry »

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